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Extreme Sports to Build Up Your Skills

Written by Super User on Thursday, 17 October 2013 11:34. Posted in Sports Entertainment

Extreme sports have grown in popularity over the past few years, introducing the scariest, most competitive and downright crazy sports into the public eye. Whether you are turning to the more obvious extreme sports such as surfing, or you fancy something a little weirder, like Slacklining; there is a lot we can learn from the extreme that can be added into our regular team sports. 

Here are some of those lessons, from some of the most extreme people in the business.

You have always got to have guts

When we think of extreme sports, you automatically think of base jumpers, sky divers and trapeze artists. There are now hundreds of extreme sports that require a level of guts and determination, far beyond the sports mentioned so far. Now, you may not consider stuffing your pants with crayfish, or seeing how many zoo animals you can fit into a hotel room, a sport, but trust me you need to have a strong will to pull off these stunts. At www.betsafe.com/en/, there are offers of many exciting episodes and such sporting events, not to be tried at home though!

Any team based sport, like basketball or baseball requires a strong mind and if you are thinking of starting out in the world of sports, then you could learn a lot from this mindset.

Focus on the now

Surfers are a prime example of athletes that have to stay completely focused on the ‘now’ in order to avoid accidents and stay upright on those massive waves. Unlike conventional sports, many extreme sports can lead to terrible injuries and even death if the participant is not 100% focused on what is happening right in that moment.

With many sports wrapped up in what is happening in the next matches, it may be time to start focusing only on the now and the end goal.


Commitment to the challenge ahead

One thing that extreme sports athletes do best is face a challenge head on! Imagine getting ready to jump out of a plane and you start questioning your decision. Well when you are at the plane door, it is very difficult to turn back. Instead you need to have courage in your conviction. Accept the challenge and take that leap.

This is a great skill to have for anyone who is looking to get fit or join a sports team. There are many challenges to getting fit, it can be your own confidence or simply having to jog up that huge hill. Either way, you will hit the ‘wall’ at some point and want to give up. Take a look at the extreme sports for some strength when you feel like you need it, you can’t jump back in the plane when you are out of it and you can get fit if you want to.


Have passion in what you do

One thing that can be said about anything extreme is the community that surrounds the sports. Skateboarding, scuba diving and surfing all have a huge following of passionate enthusiasts worldwide. If you have found a sport that you are passionate about, whether it is swimming, dance or basketball, then get involved with the followers of the sport. Ultimately, have fun with it, if you are passionate then shout it loud and let everyone know.



How to Take Advantage of Online Casino Trends

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Online casinos are beginning to mark a well and truly fixed mark in the world of bonuses and competitions. They have long been the market leader in the world of online gaming and now it seems that they are making headway with their bonuses through the use of social media. The growing popularity of casino gaming and the changes in the legalities has led to a dramatic increase in their users and those of us who want to try and win big. Let’s face it, our favourite games are now available where ever we are, at work, home and on the morning commute so bonuses are a nice thank you from the major casino companies.

So how can you get "in" on the casino bonuses?

Well, this is simple; in the majority of cases the casino will come straight to you with their latest deals and promotions. When you sign up to an online casino they will take your email address and sometimes your physical address if you want to hand the information over of course. It is from here that you will receive many of the bonuses coming up for certain games. Along with which, many will also be released on social media, so as you are following the respective casino you can get the information you need straight away.

If that wasn’t enough, you simply need to be playing the games to see the bonuses appear. Slots games for example are full of them, which offer you the chance to take on free spins or a maximum bid for example. Often the bonus is a maximum of £20 for example, so all you need to do is continue to play for a little longer.

Why are they so attractive?

Well apart from the fact that you can win even more than you thought, they have to be attractive as they are the resounding difference between the online casino world and the bricks and mortar version. Slots games in a physical casino are straight forward; you spin the reel and hope for the pay lines to match. However, in the online world, you can literally create as many levels as you like. As with any video game or online RPG, you would lose concentration if there was no incentive to continue to play.

There are two defining reasons for bonuses to become part of your online casino journey; firstly because they will help you with your overall excitement throughout and secondly they could potentially lead to greater wins. Generally, the more bonuses there are, the greater the odds of winning are, which is a step away from real world casino gaming. So wherever you choose to play at, take advantage of the offers that are sent to you and keep your fingers crossed you can win big.





Are Manchester United in Crisis?

Written by Super User on Sunday, 06 October 2013 08:21. Posted in The Betting Channel

The 2013/14 season has been a record-breaking one for Manchester United; but not in a good way. After six games, Man U sit at twelfth in the table with just seven points, their worst start to a season in 24 years. Their 2-1 loss to West Brom heralded the first away win for the Baggies to the Champions since 1978.

With such disappointing results, criticism of David Moyes’ appointment has quickly surfaced. His detractors have taken issue with his lack of signings, bar Fellaini, given the lack of depth in midfield and his refusal to take advantage of players like Shinji Kagawa and Wilfried Zaha. Although Alexander Buttner has recently played down talks of crisis, the bookmakers have made their thoughts clear by putting United at 7-1 to retain the title. To see how other teams are faring, check out the latest football odds from Youwin.

Those who have jumped to his defence have pointed out United’s tough series of games, with fixtures against Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool. By that logic, however, United should be taking points off teams like West Brom. It remains to be seen whether they can get the campaign back on track with a win against bottom-of-the-table Sunderland.

Nevertheless, the Champions League form has been encouraging with a 4-2 victory over Bayer Leverkusen and a well-earned point against Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine. And a victory against Liverpool in the league cup went some way to heal the hurt of losing to them at Old Trafford.

The club’s owners and fans knew that the transition period was going to be difficult but, considering the team remains largely unchanged since the comfortable title win last season, no one expected the poor form that we’ve soon so far. Alex Ferguson departed while recommending Moyes as his successor so there was already a lot of trust put in him, so the board are not likely to be leaning on him too just yet.

Most Man Utd fans have been supportive of Moyes, acknowledging that there needs to be a lot of rebuilding of the team and that United’s two titles and two runners-up finishes were are massive overachievement for a team that hasn’t even needed to pull out all the stops to get the results.

There are definitely trying times ahead and Moyes will need to shore up the midfield and shift several players who are no longer pulling their weight in the January transfer window. The former Everton man also needs to find a preferred lineup as the season has seen him messing around with the squad as he figures everything out.

Despite a great first game, Van Persie’s and Rooney’s attacking prowess hasn’t been clinical enough: the team has failed to score a goal from open play since the opening game against Swansea. And the defence has been looking ropey, especially during the 4-1 drubbing by Manchester City. As Moyes has said, “we didn’t defend well at all but didn’t attack well at times either.” And the middle of the park is suffering.


Let’s hope that Alexander Buttner is right when he says that their season begins now.   


Soccer fans wait quite eagerly for the Top 10 countdown of sports videos on various uploads on different sites

Written by Super User on Tuesday, 10 September 2013 12:55. Posted in Sports Entertainment

Soccer fans wait quite eagerly for the Top 10 countdown of sports videos on various uploads on different sites. These videos are great fun to be watching and something that an ardent sports fan would not want to miss. There are various categories of Top 10 sports videos uploaded with regularity, some can be found on a betting site. This includes the latest Top 10 Roger Federer Tennis Moments that has been lapped up by tennis fans with great enthusiasm. Another is the Top 10 fights and fouls in football. This high-adrenaline-rush game not only attracts interest for the wins and cups but also for fouls and fights that are so much a part of this game. Another Top 10 sports video of great interest is the Top 10 goals; again soccer fans just can’t enough of it. The all time favorite is the Top 10 punches of boxing king Mike Tyson followed by Greatest Top 10 Knockouts ever. NBA fans will swear by the Top 10 dunks in Basketball especially of star players like Kevin Johnson and Jordan. Also popular are the Hockey Top 10 goal celebrations in Ice Hockey.


Of course these ratings are only based on public popularity and are not actually rated by any specific sports authority; nonetheless it does attract ample interest.


Soccer is a pretty cool and easy to learn sport. Sports videos on this subject provide all the information that an amateur player or a hobbyist would like to learn. Of course its only practice that will make man perfect, and more so in this sport but practicing the right way is more important. That definitely does not mean that sports videos are only for beginner archers, experienced archers gain equally from these videos that contain advanced information. The basic information that these sports videos contain are the different equipments used in the sport of Soccer. With these explained, it then moves on to the fundamental elements involved in shooting the bow in the right way.


The fundamental elements are nock, stance, set, draw, predraw, anchoring, aiming and releasing and finally follow through. There is step-by-step instruction elaborating each element, the common mistakes committed and how to avoid them. Once you learn the basics, you can move on to the next segment of the sports video that is on intermediate skill honing to improve the archers techniques. This is not all, certain important differences between the non Olympic and Olympic Soccer games. The sports video also delves into different alternatives of Soccer such as target shooting, bow hunting / fishing and field Soccer amongst others. 



5 Tennis Stars in Poker

Written by Super User on Friday, 06 September 2013 11:18. Posted in Sports Entertainment

Poker is well known for attracting superstars from all walks of life-from Hollywood A-Listers to Olympic champions. However, over the last few years there has been a dramatic rise in former tennis players hanging up their racquets and turning to the felts.

Here we take a look at the 5 most notable tennis pros who have made the transition from centre court to centre stage at some of the world’s biggest poker tournaments.

Boris Becker

http://lovesetmatch.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/boris-becker.jpg‘Der Bomber’, as he was amusingly dubbed during his illustrious tennis career, has made just under $100,000 in career earnings since appearing in his first card tournament at the World Poker Tour (WPT) $25,000 Championship event in 2009. The eccentric German has since competed in two other European Poker Tour (EPT) Main Events- the 2011 EPT Barcelona and most recently, the 2013 EPT Berlin.

Patrick de Kostus

Patrick de Kostus’ promising tennis career was cut short after he suffered a devastating injury when he was a junior. With his dreams left in tatters, the Dutchman soon turned his attentions to poker and has never looked back.

With total career earnings of $281,954, de Kostushas engendered a fierce reputation on the international poker circuit and he will be looking to replicate the kind of form that guided him to a 1st place finish in the World Poker Tour National Series in 2012.

Gus Hansen

Although he never reached the glittering heights of Rafael Nadal or Boris Becker during his brief tennis career, Great DaneGus Hansen showed bags full of promise as a youth tennis playerand even clinched a junior tennis title.

The 39-year old is now renowned for his high-stakes poker success, having won a coveted WSOP bracelet as well as three World Poker Tour titles. He is also recognised as a member of the formidable Full Tilt Poker Professionals.



Patrick Antonius

http://www.pokerupdate.com/assets/Managed/NewsArticles/patrik-antonius-worlds-biggest-gamblers.jpgAlthough the Finn was forced to give up his hopes of making it to the top of the tennis world rankings due to a persistent back problems, the 32-year old has more than made up for that set-back throughout his poker career.

Antonius has made the final table at the WSOP twice and has secured 1 EPT title. He was also the first person to win a 7-figure online poker pot.

Rafael Nadal

The 12-time Grand Slam champion surprised everyone last year when he revealed his burning love for poker. The 26-year old Spaniard, who holds the record for the most French Open tennis titles (8), has competed in a number of high-profile global card events and he will next take to the felts in the EPT Prague this December.






Sit and Go Poker Guide

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http://photos.pokerplayer.co.uk/images/front_picture_library_UK/dir_19/total_gambler_9636_15.jpgOne of the most popular games for online poker fans are Sit and Go Tournaments, commonly known as SNG’s or SitnGo’s. These type of games appeal to players of all skill levels, offering buy-ins for as little as a few cents up to thousands of dollars.

Lower stakes SNG’s are the preferred option for card enthusiasts who want to play for fun and build their bankroll at the same time but don’t want to risk losing big money. This article will offer a round-by-round guide on how to make your mark on the virtual SNG felts.

Early Rounds

In the first two rounds, the blinds are usually only a small portion of your starting stack. Many beginners make the mistake of not protecting premium hands like AA or KK during the pre-flop stage by only making small raises. However, it’s important to extract maximum value whilst you can; it doesn’t matter if you don’t strike lucky out on the flop, river or turn because there is still lots of poker left to be played! Pokercheck advises that if you have a solid pair when the blinds are low it is best to bet “5x the big blind” and if 2-3 players call you, you should be quid’s in.

Middle Rounds

As the blinds increase, you should re-evaluate your starting hand selection. Less people will be encouraged to call or raise frivolously because the stakes are too large relative to people’s stacks. Tighten your standards by only pushing drawing hands and pairs such as 77 to induce a bigger raise. Even if your opponents won’t call or raise you, there’s no harm in claiming and uncontested pot at this stage to keep your bankroll ticking over.

Late Stages

If you’ve managed to make your way through to the business end of a SNG tournament then it’s time to really buckle down and focus because the blinds will become very high in relation to the average stack size. Do not enter pots with marginal hands and be very wary of challenging other big stacks without strong cards because you could soon go bust. However, if you feel comfortable in your chip position, now is the time to strike and take a risk because a 1st place finish pays a lot more than any other standing.

If you find yourself shorthanded, check-raise with a top or even middle pair if you believe you have the best hand to trap aggressive opponents. Then when you have built a strong enough stack, it’s ok to shove all in with a reasonable AA or pocket pair pre-flop because by playing aggressively yourself with strong hands, you keep your opponents guessing and they may call with weaker hands because in the latter stages, people are more inclined to risk-take in search of victory.




Why You Should Choose Online Casino

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In everything and anything, there is always a choice. In this case, why should you choose online casino? For starters, an internet casino offers you convenience, you can play from anywhere and at whatever time you wish. The fact that you can play from anywhere is the best thing. This is because you will play from the environment that tickles your fancy. These casinos can be accessed at whatever time as long as you are connected to the internet. So long as you have some good internet, you will be spoilt for choice, there are so many games to play and win.

The other reason that you should play on online casino is the fact that they pay better than the conventional ones. This is because there are no such things as rent, employees’ salaries and such like things making the expenses less and the returns more. There are better rewards when it comes to virtual casinos with some being given free money, credits and many more things. With such casinos, one will definitely have fun because one can play as many games as possible.

Speed is also a factor in online casinos. For example black jack games do not need the dealers to shuffle the cards not to mention that with the random number generators, there are never chances of mistakes. Other things like poker can be played at a faster rate as compared to when it is played in a physical casino. With an online casino, there are no such things like cigar smoke, noise and other distractions like it happens in physical games. Internet gaming sites have more games than there is in physical casinos. There is no need to worry on how much money you are supposed to carry or how you will get your winning, everything is done online. One very popular game is online roulette, here is a short video on How to win roulette:


The great success of bingo in the UK market

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The UK bingo market is the most active in the world, and if a relatively new program succeeds there could be even more online bingo players in the United Kingdom. In 2009, the Race Online 2012 program was launched with the goal of making everyone in the UK computer literate by the 2012 London Olympics. According to their official website, Race Online 2012 is “chaired by the UK’s Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox and with a full-time staff of five based in London, Race Online 2012 sought to accelerate efforts to inspire, encourage and support more people online.”

In recent years digital skills have become more important and are essential for accessing education, information, jobs, consumer savings and social contacts. Millions of UK residents have never used the internet and many companies including one major bingo operator have partnered with the program to help people gain internet skills. British E-commerce expert Martha Lane Fox and current Prime Minister David Cameron have launched an initiative that will create a force of volunteers 100,000 strong. The instructors known as ‘digital champions’ will appear at bingo halls, scout meetings and post offices to teach and encourage people to use the internet. These digital champions will encourage the migration to secure online bingo games at sites.

The initiative includes a program that will provide people with refurbished computers for £100 pounds or less. (About $163 UDS) Free broadband and support will also be made available to new users. Currently an estimated 8 million Britons do not use the internet and the initiative is meant to correct this. In addition many people say that there is nothing on the internet that would interest them and Race Online 2010 will try to correct this mistaken belief. British Prime Minister David Cameron talked about the program and told reporters that “by supporting this vital campaign we really can become the first nation in the world to get everyone online and ensure that something the vast majority of us take for granted can be enjoyed by all of us.”

It should come as no surprise that bingo companies are participating. For example one of the participants, Mecca Bingo, has an extensive and popular online bingo operation and more internet users mean more online bingo players. In some small part the company will benefit financially from the online initiative although this is not their prime goal. Fox described the program’s goals and told reporters “Race Online aims to solve the critical social and economic issues that arise when people are left behind as technology advances. Today we have addressed issues with access, motivation and skills by creating a network aimed at giving people advice, support and assistance on a local level and kick started a low-cost recycled marketplace.”


The Increasing Popularity Of Watching Via The Internet

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The NBA matches provide a lot of fun and excitement not just to the players but also to the viewers. As a result, many of the viewers wish to view the matches without any kind of interruption. However, this is not possible as people experience shut down from their cable operators.

The best way to watch NBA matches is on the Internet. This is mainly because; unlike cable operators, you don’t need to pay any additional charges to view the channel. You can easily watch the NBA matches live on the official NBA web site or through video streaming.

The other benefit that comes with watching NBA matches on the Internet is that you get to watch the matches in high quality sound and picture, which is better than that provided by the cable operator.

If you are a big fan of NBA and love to watch the NBA matches, then it is advisable that you view the matches on the Internet, as it will help you to double the excitement that comes with watching the NBA matches with your family and friends.


Evolving Bingo for the Future

Written by Super User on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 08:26. Posted in The Betting Channel

Video games have been big business for decades, but only recently have they started overtaking actual sports in popularity. Last year, League of Legends- reported as the most played game in the world- had more people spectating their top tournament than people were watching baseball games. This means that it’s all the more important for traditional games to keep up with the digital age.

Bingo has evolved massively with technology, keeping a loyal following in bingo venues, but moving more towards online and casual gaming on social media sites.

Updating traditional formats

Web bingo is nothing new, but companies are always inventing new ways to give their games the edge. Playing online now offers a number of options and quirks that are specifically tailored to peoples’ needs such as webcam bingo, where the user can add a live webcam of themselves’ into the chat feature of the game.

Bingo sites have some of the toughest online competition to face, so they will offer great incentives to make sure you play with them.

There’s an app for that

Bingo is one of the many forms of gaming that has moved into the mobile device market. There are now a number of bingo app review sites that looks at the pros and cons from the most popular versions. They look at factors such as stability, speed and range of games to deliver you the best advice available.

As well as the efficiency of the app itself, it’s still worth shopping around for the best deals. Bingo sites are always keen to offer you join-up incentives, some of which are too good to ignore.


The NBA started a long time ago, and gained popularity ever since..

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The NBA is amongst the leading sports governing bodies across the globe and attracts some of the leading stars. The NBA today creates some of the best sports news coverage available, due to increased popularity worldwide, and off course, the playing of the playoffs.. but how does it all started ? the NBS started in 1949 sports lovers intently were hooked. The legends who have passed through NBA have as well done a lot to see the organization’s popularity surge and hence making it one of the most widely followed leagues globally. Magic Johnson is one such legend who did a lot to see NBA become very popular across the globe. As his name suggests, he magically took the Los Angeles Lakers to win 5 league titles.

However he is not the only legend to have graced NBA. Others include Larry Bird who steered Boston Celtics to three title wins. This is the period when NBA showed signs of a steep rise in terms of popularity. In the early 80’s there was a substantial fan growth.in 1984, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson steered their respective teams to a final showdown featuring both teams, a game which Magic Johnson helped his team win. Larry Bird went on to win the three-pointer shooting contest. I 1984, Michael Jordan become another legendary addition into the NBA as he joined the Chicago Bulls. It is also important to acknowledge David Stern’s role in expansion of NBA upon taking office in 1984. Original limitation to the American region, today, it attracts some of the best basketball players from across the world. Additionally, based on average earnings, it attracts highest paid sportsmen across the globe.

Over time it has expanded to include teams from all over America and most lately a few from Canada. Its viewing across the globe has likewise increased marginally making it one of the most widely watched sporting events across the globe.


Risks to Avoid in Online Sports Betting

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Sports betting is a very old activity. However, online sports betting is relatively new. Some people have made a fortune through sports betting on online sites. Others get involved in this activity purely for fun, and nothing more. Evaluating the genuineness of the online facility where you wish to place sports bets is never an easy exercise. This is a bit different from real time casinos where players are able to determine how genuine and reliable as well as trustworthy an establishment is. You need to obtain as many specialist tips and advices as possible. This is imperative for your success in online sports betting.

Unless you set a limit with regard to how much you are willing to spend on online sports betting, you can end up losing a lot of money. These sites can become quite addictive thus causing a player to throw all precaution to the wind and spend money aimlessly. Always strive to work with a budget when placing your bet. It is so easy to get tempted to continue playing when you have won regardless of whether you have surpassed your budget or not. Some players continue to play even when they are losing hence end up losing too much money in the process.

Online sports betting require a lot of research as well. If you are playing this game with the intention of winning, you cannot afford to face off with other games from a point of ignorance. You need to do your research get the best odds and bonuses that you can, and be well updated with the rules and regulations governing these exercises. This activity requires that you take it seriously if you are to stand any chance of winning and making money. It is not a simple exercise that you just wake up and get into without adequate preparation, unless you don’ mind losing great deal of money.